Happy Thanksgiving!

Amazed still that my baby is walking. A year ago I remember her being just a few weeks old, and how she actually slept in the bassinet while we ate dinner -- a rare feat at the time since she was such an in-arms newborn.

thirty-day photo meme: Day 30

30. a photo of you when you were happy

This is fitting because this photo, of me holding my baby shortly after her birth, was taken one year and one day ago.

Yesterday was Freya's first birthday. We had a great day :) It was also the only sunny day of this week, thanks weather.

+ We went to Rumplenewskins with a gift certificate and bought her first pair of good, sturdy, real shoes.

+ She took a perfect nap, from 1-3.

+ After her nap we went to the park and swung on the swings and visited with our friends Christina and Evan.

+ We went downtown and I got myself a celebratory decaf cappuccino.

+ Headed home to watch the San Francisco Giants crush the Rangers in game one of the World Series.

+ And to top it all off, she TOOK HER FIRST UNASSISTED STEPS! Then we went to bed.

It was an awesome day.

thirty-day photo meme: day 29

29. a photo of someone you find attractive

The obvious choice, my husband. Interestingly, last night I dreamed about him. I dreamed that I went back in time, to six months before we even met. I was working at some phone bank type of job, and he worked there, too. I had a crush on him and he flirted with me. I think the point of the dream is that if I could do it all over again and meet Brian in a different time and place, he would still be the right man for me.

bag lady

I ordered a new diaper bag for Freya last night.

(click to enlarge)

The one I purchased for her when I was only five months pregnant, while cute, is not as functional as I thought. it's basically an open-top tote, a beach bag. It's just one big compartment, a couple thin pouches inside, one zipper pocket, no pockets on the outside. It's going to be used for picnics in the future I think.

So I got this awesome Ju Ju Be BFF bag, after doing some research. It cost $150.

Those who know me know that there was a time when paying $150 for a bag was laughable. Like, as in, laughably cheap. There are handbags in my closet that cost much, MUCH more than $150. But those days are gone. You wouldn't believe how I agonized over this purchase. I even looked around for coupons to see if I could get 10% off. Oh how times have changed.

I didn't eat dairy for a month, then I fell off the wagon, now I need to get back on. Yargh.

Tomorrow is Freya's birthday. It's going to be an emotional day I think.

thirty-day photo meme: day 27

27. a photo of last summer.

Last July, we finally got rid of the horrible black kitchen sink and replaced it with a beautiful shiny white model instead. I was nesting it up pretty heavy at that point, so I took an inordinate amount of joy in this new sink.

thirty-day photo meme: day 26

26. a photo of you at Christmastime

Brian gave me these earrings for Christmas in 2006 : white gold and three princess-cut diamonds. I LOVE them, but lately can't wear them due to miss baby's love of sparkly objects. Soon, though, I'll get to again.

thirty-day photo meme: day 25

25. a photo of a night you loved

When Brian and I went to Tokyo in 2004, we had one night where we just walked around together in the city after dinner. It was really fun. We met this funny old Southern man in front of a chicken restaurant.